Project Structure

We think it’s important to outline every aspect of a project before beginning the design process so we start by breaking a project into a series of milestones...


We love milestones. They help to organise the chaos of product design into bitesize, specific chunks.

Each milestone is a project of itself, having it's own set of deliverables. We cost our projects based on these milestones.

There is no commitment of a large upfront payment, and you only pay for what deliverables you get.

Project Structure

The Product Design Specification

It's crucial to analyse a product idea meticulously before beginning the design process.

This results in a Product Design Specification which tells us what the product must do and how it must be done. It's our bible.

Spending the time on this early produces a better product and ensures we deliver exactly what our client wants.

To create the PDS well, we consult our clients to drill down into every aspect of the product they want to build.