Signum Wearable Cycling Indicator

Signum Watch

Kapek Design currently works with Brighter Indication Ltd on initial prototype development to manufacture. We are developing the electronics and firmware for for Signum.

Signum is designed to be worn by cyclists on both wrists. It uses embedded technology to sense when a cyclist indicates to turn left or right with their arm, and lights up to alert nearby motorists. It also includes a heart rate and blood oximeter monitor so the user can track their health. The device uses a low power, high contrast display so it can also function as a wristwatch.

Kapek created a series of prototypes to demonstrate its functions as well as different user interaction models.

Being a wearable device, power consumption was a huge concern. We used our expertise in low power electronics and to make the device as efficient as possible.

We achieved a standby life of up to 1 year before the product needs recharging. 

We are currently taking this product into manufacture following performance testing.

Signum prototypes
Strap indication