Josh exceeded my expectations with his deep technical knowledge and professionalism. He was able to create a medical simulator, including all electronics, software and 3D Design and deliver it on time on a limited budget!
— Dr. Glen Cooper, Lecturer, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Josh’s work on the NI RIO Hexapod was impeccable. Embedded design engineers know that FPGAs fabric is inherently limited – so, for Josh to implement protocol awareness, motor control and advanced kinematics on a single FPGA chip really highlights what an awesome, resourceful programmer he is! The Hexapod aesthetics are immaculate too – from the facia, to the electronics housing, to the hidden LED array – every design element was thoughtful and smart! I regularly demonstrate Josh’s NI RIO Hexapod at engineering conferences throughout Europe - it never fails to impress.
— Richard Roberts, Technical Marketing Manager, National Instruments

We had the pleasure of working with Josh on a complex project. He has great technical knowledge, is a good communicator, and delivered the project in time and within our budget. Josh’s timeliness, professionalism and dedication are exemplary and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to implement complicated circuitry and electrical components.
— Escape Reality Ltd.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Josh on the PCBs for the IoT toy I am developing. He is conscientious, professional and very focused on getting the best result for each job. What I’ve most enjoyed about working with Josh is his flexibility. He’s equally capable of doing a job entirely on his own, as well as in close collaboration (the two of us sitting together brainstorming circuit designs and selecting ICs to use). I thoroughly recommend him.
— Egor Kraev, Founder of Dagon Analytics

The work Josh delivered was conducted with a great understanding of bridging both the creative and engineering working environments. Josh helped bring a number of printed circuit board ideas to fruition performing design and safety checks in a professional, timely manner. I will be using Kapek Design for my future ideas.
— Jennifer Sykes, Lecturer, Glasgow School of Art